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For those of you with beautiful casement windows or double hung windows who are scratching your head about what is the best insect screen solution to protect your house and family from those annoying, messy and potentially dangerous disease carrying insects – Brisbane Magnetic Screens are the solution.


Magnetic fly screens can be made to fit windows of most types and sizes, simply and easily. They are very flexible and durable making them not only easy to use but also easy to clean and store away when not required like during those winter months.


Simple and easy to use, they have finger tabs on the bottom corners of each fly screen to enable you to pull the screen away from the window. The screen will flex out of the way giving you unhindered access to open and close your windows as you desire and when you’re done, just let the corner tab go and it will simply snap back into place. Clipped to the window on the top edge, the screen will not fall off the window frame when you are adjusting your window position.



Easy Access Tabs

Easy Access Tabs

The flexible PVC frame of the magnetic fly screens is far less obtrusive and bulky that traditional aluminium framed insect screens. On older homes where no two windows are the same and possibly out of square also, magnetic screens are ideal because they are individually measured and manufactured with millimeter accuracy to ensure that they fit perfectly. The overall effect of having slimline frames and the fly screens being tailor made to individual windows results in a very sharp, tidy and professional looking finish that often gives a revitalising effect on a room. They are the perfect addition to any home renovation.


Magnetic Insect Screens have been around for years and like any product, there are top quality options and then there is the rest. The only problem is that if you don’t do your research you won’t know what you bought until a few years later when they’re hanging off the window frames or the mesh has deteriorated from our harsh environment here in Australia.


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